When entrepreneurs and creative minds join forces, ultramodern entertainment in the form of a 45-foot long bus with stadium seats, surround sound, and street performances ensues in New York City.

Interested in turning the streets of New York into a stage, the creators of THE RIDE brought entertainment and tourism together to create a modern city experience for every- one from tourists to native New Yorkers. Complete with stadium seats and the latest visual and audio technology, THE RIDE drives through New York City, featuring performances before sights such as Grand Central, 42nd Street, Central Park, and more. A movement in theatrical history, THE RIDE is Broadway without the limitations of a stationary theater, and a city tour bus with a theatrical and entertaining twist.

Each of THE RIDE’s four mobile theaters measure over 45-feet long, 13-feet high, and 8-feet wide; they hold three rows of stadium seats and the most modern audio and visual technology including speakers that bring inside sounds out into the street, enabling RIDErs to go “On Air” and interact with the city.

THE RIDE launched in October 2010, after four years of creative surges in the minds of entrepreneurs and entertainers led by Michael Counts. At its unveiling, THE RIDE released raps, comedy, and performances into Times Square. Rave reviews resulted, leading to THE RIDE’s national presence on shows such as Good Morning America and The TODAY Show, and in USA Today, The New York Times, and more.

In 2011, a new corporate staff led by CEO Richard Humphrey stepped in to bring the company to new heights, creating innovative corporate and group sales programs with fresh marketing pushes, partners, and sponsorships. THE RIDE also grew to cultivate an interna- tional presence, as it was featured on national television in Japan and in other worldwide media.

In May 2012, THE Fazzino RIDE launched as a limited summer edition RIDE showing New York City through the lens of 3D pop artist Charles Fazzino – official artist of the NFL, the Super Bowl, and the 2012 Olympics. Opened to critical acclaim, THE Fazzino RIDE will be the first of many future thematic RIDEs.

Since its release, THE RIDE has given RIDErs a unique New York City experience: a realis- tic and authentic city show-tour that offers the surprises of improv comedy, the songs and voices of Broadway, the facts of a city sights tour, and the memory of a lifetime.

Get on. Find out. Experience THE RIDE.