Experience Sensory Overload, Overloaded


THE RIDE is fully loaded with the best audio, video, and wireless technology to amp up what’s happening on board while keeping connected to what’s happening outside. From performers to passersby, THE RIDE interacts with everyone and everything it rolls by!

The largest vehicle allowed on the streets, The RIDE coach is 45-feet long, 14-feet tall, and 8-feet wide. Custom-designed and built stadium-style seating accommodates up to 49 passengers comfortably, and allowing for optimal viewing of New York City’s streets. 40 in-vehicle plasma monitors, 3,000 LED lights and five exterior LED arrays keep RIDErs immersed in the performance and supplement the action on the street. An interior surround sound system, external speaker system, and wireless microphone system unify the production, making the city part of the show and putting the show into the city.

Each vehicle contains nine tons of HVAC capacity – that’s enough to heat or cool nine suburban homes!  And with floor-shaker technology, The RIDE offers the city’s best subway simulation!

Several sound effects used during THE RIDE are provided to us free of charge from FreeSFX. http://www.freesfx.co.uk