The Corporate RIDE

New York City is yours with THE RIDE!

THE RIDE delivers an exclusive, entertaining, and interactive event that brings you and your company into the city scene.  Discover and get discovered on THE RIDE, while street performers shout-out your latest successes, sing your company tunes, and rap about your recent undertakings!  Teambuilding activities can even be incorporated into THE RIDE.

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Out-of-Home Marketing

THE RIDE coach is a mobile marketing machine! Imagine your next product launch, store opening, or corporate event against the backdrop of Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and other New York City sights.  Our massive multimedia coach is the perfect movable venue 
in which you and your product both view and are viewed by the city.

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Click here to see how the cast and crew of Chicago, the Food Network, Superbowl 3D pop artist Charles Fazzino, and Coney Island have used THE RIDE!!

Contact THE RIDE

For all things corporate, contact:
Rachel Bandarenko, Director of Corporate Sales
(212) 244-2551 ext 151