The Corporate RIDE

With New York as a backdrop, city sights
become supporting players in a theatrical event
that blurs the boundary between what’s on the street and
what’s in the show.

What is THE RIDE?

Part tour, part show; THE RIDE gives you a front-row seat to the streets of New York City in a multi-million dollar motor coach with stadium seating and innovative audio technology. Navigating a 4.2-mile midtown path, actors mesh with native New Yorkers and street-strollers in order to resurrect the city’s history and enliven its landmarks.

Each RIDE motor coach holds up to 49 passengers, and four buses can run simultaneously to accommodate groups as large as 196 people.

Where is THE RIDE?

THE RIDE typically starts and ends in Times Square, but you can customize your own route.  THE RIDE features performances before the backdrop of city sights such as: the Chrysler Building; Grand Central; the Empire State Building; Bryant Park; the main branch of the NYC Public Library; the Bank of America Tower; 42nd Street; Hell’s Kitchen; Radio City Music Hall; Skyscraper Alley; Carnegie Hall; the Hearst Tower; Columbus Circle; Central Park; and more.

Get Creative with THE RIDE

Our hosts and performers highlight your company’s achievements to create an interactive experience. We create original vignettes featuring your colleagues; and we can add your music, logos, voice-overs, and videos. We can also customize costumes to incorporate your company’s brand. THE RIDE’s personal photographers will even shoot high-quality photos of your group, so you don’t have to carry a camera and risk missing THE RIDE sights and fun!

Team Build with THE RIDE

Get out of the office and onto THE RIDE for teambuilding under the bright lights of the Big Apple.  Discover your colleagues with corporate trivia, scavenger hunts, and other teambuilding activities integrated into THE RIDE performances.  Explore New York City while learning about your company with THE RIDE.

Dine with THE RIDE

Start THE RIDE with dinner and a cocktail at Carmine’s, and end with coffees and spirits at Hudson Terrace, the Village Pourhouse, Side Bar, or the newest Little Town Funbar on Restaurant Row! THE RIDE can hook you up with some of New York City’s trendiest bars and restaurants.

Contact THE RIDE

To arrange your Corporate RIDE, contact:
Rachel Bandarenko, Director of Corporate Sales
(212) 244-2551 ext 151