BroadwayWorld calls ‘The Fazzino Ride’ “Cheesy Summer Fun!”

BroadwayWorld Got On, Found Out!

Broadway World’s review is now available.

Their experience on THE Fazzino Ride was “a wonderful way to ride,” and they called it “the perfect way to take in the city this summer.”

Listen to Broadway World and RIDE this Summer!

“…It’s a great, cheesy time for groups of all kinds including family, girls’ night out, and tourists. (Insider note: they do have an online summer special deal available!) It’s a fun way to tour midtown from your own little party-bus bubble without dealing with walking, jostling, extreme temperatures, or smells. THE Fazzino RIDE itself is an attraction: while going through Times Square on a beautiful summer night, everyone stopped and joined in on the fun by waving, taking pictures, and singing and dancing along to Sinatra

Enjoy this stellar review, and come beat the summer heat on THE RIDE!


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