NY Daily News Takes THE RIDE

NY Daily News takes THE RIDE

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This is my “go to” ticket for folks who want a slice of the city, in an amusing format. Hosts inside the stadium seating bus joke, inform & announce the street theatrical show & tour New York City sights & surprise entertainment in the comfort of a technologically-advanced moving theater motor coach is a blast. Marjorie won the “Ride Sunglasses” for having the most “Ride Points”!
42nd Street & Broadway, Times Square


Nippon TV and Yomiuri TV correspondent, CHELSEA GAETA, will host THE RIDE’S JAPANESE EDITION that will begin performances on Wednesday, April 3rd.

The weekly JAPANESE RIDE will feature MS. GAETA and an English-speaking guide to enhance the RIDE’S EXPERIENCE for the hundreds of Japanese Tourists currently reserving tickets.

THE JAPANESE EDITION of THE RIDE is scheduled for every Wednesday in April and May at 8:30pm.

Chelsea Gaeta grew up near a small Japanese community in suburban Ohio and began enthusiastically studying the language in middle school. Her interest in comedic Japanese was sparked by a locally-broadcast variety show. As a student of television broadcasting and film, Chelsea attended Kansai Gaidai University and film school in Osaka. She has appeared on several programs for Japanese television stations Nippon TV and Yomiuri TV, in addition to interpreting for non-profit events in Japan and the United States. As a guide on THE RIDE, Chelsea enjoys bridging cultures with humor while giving visitors a fun and memorable New York experience.

THE RIDE is an EVENT whether you are on the bus or on the street. But it’s better on the bus.

TICKETS: $59 – $69 available here


THE RIDE welcomed Lilla Crawford, of Broadway’s Annie, and Jonah Verdon, of Seth Rudetsky’s off Broadway hit Disaster, on Friday, January 31, 2014.

The two childhood friends and stars got together to conduct an interview and THE RIDE served as the perfect venue. With Lilla, the subject of the interview, and Jonah acting as a regular Johnny Carson, the time jus blew by.

See the photos below to see how much fun those two had on THE RIDE.

Annie and THE RIDE

Annie and THE RIDE

Annie and THE RIDE

Dance Students Enjoy THE RIDE

We’re so happy to be featured in Brightspark’s travel blog as “almost everybody’s favourite part” of a student trip to New York City. Noah Spitzer says, “It was a sensational part of the trip, and one that I am sure none of those students will ever forget.” Read more about their unique experience below:

“What made this attraction really special, though, was that after we finished our tour, our group had the opportunity to perform our own choreographed flash mob in the middle of Times Square for the next tour of The Ride. Where they were once spectators, the students on my trip suddenly became performers, and over the course of their two-minute sequence (where they danced to that new pop song “Treasure”) the crowd of people watching them dance grew by the dozens. Hundreds of people in Times Square took note of these dancing teenagers, and when the song ended, they all walked away as though nothing had happened!”

From: http://blog.brightsparktravel.ca/blog/topic/new-york-city

Black Performers Star on The RIDE

On special assignment for the Entertainment section of a September 2013 issue of New York Beacon, Vinette K. Pryce profiled not only THE RIDE, which she found “uniquely distinguished by its one-sided panoramic view, stadium-seating, and entertainment driven guides,” but two of its incredibly talented performers, Samuel St. Juste and NaTalia Johnson.

In addition to shining the spotlight on some of THE RIDE’s most impressive technical specs (“…40 video screens 3,000 LED lights and an audio system that enables pedestrians to participate…”), Pryce extolls St. Juste and Johnson as “the crème de la crème of a four and a half mile ride,” after discussing briefly Johnson’s past experiences as a black dancer in a predominantly white community:

“For a long time, I had stood out because I usually was the only Black person dancing on stage. At times I was uncertain if people were simply noticing me because I was not white,” Johnson said in a previous interview about her selections in all-white showcases.

The full article, “Black performers star on ‘The Ride’,” can you found on page 18 of this issue of the newspaper.