Western New Yorker reviews The Ride!

Yet another great review for The Ride! Liz Chapman from Western New Yorker joined us for our show and wrote us a review.  In her words:

What could be improved: Nothing, if you have followed my blog a while I rarely give out no criticism because I think everyone can learn from one another. This was the first time I have none. – Liz Chapman

Thank you Liz for your awesome words, and while we always strive to make our show increasingly better, it’s great to know our efforts have made our show a standout!

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Photo Credit: Liz Chapman

US Family Guide review of The Ride!

On Sunday August 24th, a blogger with the US Family Guide took The Ride and wrote us a glowing review!  This is another great review in a long list of positive feedback on The Ride, and we pride ourselves in delivering a unique product that appeals to people universally.

Overall if you are looking for a really fantastic once in a lifetime unique experience you should definitely check out “The Ride”.  Trust me you will have lots of laughs, and plenty of “Aha” and “Oh, Yeah” moments to enjoy with your family. – Irinia David, The Big Apple Mama

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Here is a video taken by Irina during her experience, see them all on her YouTube Channel

New and Improved Blog!

White Bus Black BackgroundAt the beginning of 2014, we at Experience the Ride made a business move to improve and update our online presence.  Starting this spring we rejuvenated our social media outlets, condensing and refocusing our efforts to improve our interactions with you, our fans and followers.  We did so by putting all of our efforts behind three outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Phase two of our online rejuvenation starts today, with the reorientation of our company blog.  We are focusing on making our blog a place for fans and newcomers alike to learn about Ride updates, as well as receive information about the local community, take part in Ride contests, and learn more about The Ride, its operations, and its employees.

We plan to make this blog a constantly evolving source of interesting and compelling content, delivered to you a few times a week.  The second phase will bring a cohesion between our Social Media outlets and this renewed blog space.  You’ll see Ride Quiz Wednesday every week posted here, as well as interviews with some of our great fans and employees.  You’ll see collected opinions and thoughts from around the net involving topics influencing The Ride.  We’ll also let you know of any press we receive, and any upcoming announcements!

Phase Three is still to come this fall, when we unveil our new and improved website!  It’s currently in the design phase but we are so excited to show you the finished product.  It’s sleek, it’s new, and it will give you a much more efficient, modern way to keep up with The Ride, purchase tickets, and interact with our show!  We are constantly trying out new acts and performances for The Ride, and just like we are striving to bring you a constantly new and surprising performance, we are also striving to make our business more and more customer-oriented, and accessible to our customers.  It started with Social Media, it continues now with this Blog, and it will continue getting better with the release of our new website later in 2014.

Stay tuned for website updates, and thank you all for your continued support of The Ride. We work hard to be as great to you, our customers, as you are to us.  If you haven’t yet, Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.  We hope to see you soon on The Ride!

Fantastic THE RIDE Coverage

Corresponding for Hindu Business Line, Veena Venugopal recently visited New York to find out firsthand what, if any, tricks our familiar city manages to keep up its sleeves. As a first time visitor, Venugopal followed a relatively predictable, “touristy” routine dotted with the landmarks and activities one would expect while pursuing New York City as it appears in some of its most popular iterations (read: Seinfeld, Sex and the City). Enter: THE RIDE, itself a “special” experience that “put the ‘oh wow’ into things which weren’t even fascinating at first sight.”

Continue reading about Venugopal’s trip to New York City here.



The UK Takes THE RIDE!

Available in 3 language and active in 6 countries, VisitNewYork.co.uk has already become in its 2 years of operate an indispensable starting point for anyone who goes to New York. Take a look below to see what they thought of THE RIDE. (We’ll give you a hint, they called us a “truly a unique experience.”)

 [from visitnewyork.co.uk]

The Ride in New York

The Ride in New York City is truly a unique experience. The Ride is not your average sightseeing tour. The technologically advanced bus takes you around Manhattan in an immersive tour. The Ride celebrates the eclectic mix of people that make New York City complex, interesting, and unpredictable!

The Ride through New York City

The Ride allows visitors to experience New York City in a special way. Its popular with locals and tourists alike. This show-tour is interactive and offers improv comedy, Broadway songs / performances and interesting facts about the city. It’s a great addition to your New York trip. The Ride is a bit different to the Hop on Hop off buses as The Ride is for people that want to have quick tour of the city as well as a bit of entertainment. The bus will take you around the city in a 4.2-mile/6.8km loop and you can take photos of some of the biggest attractions of the city through the panoramic windows.


The 75-minute long Ride is in a technically advanced bus that seats 49 people, has 40 plasma screen tv’s and over 3000 LED lights. Most importantly the huge panoramic windows make the sides and roof of the bus transparent and allow for excellent views over the streets of New York. In addition the bus has three rows of stadium-like seats mounted sideways like a portable theater. There are no bad seats available on the bus! The Ride also has a personality of its own and interacts with the comedic hosts during the tour of the city. It is great to watch your own surprised reactions and those on the street. But that is the charm of the streets of New York: strange stuff is not that unexpected. Book here tickets in advance because The Ride is likely to sell out quickly.

What can you expect from the Ride?

Once you are on the bus you will first meet your hosts Scott and Jackie! As The Ride starts touring, you’ll be introduced to everybody on the streets. Some of these people will be actors who are part of the show. Some of them will simply be regular people on the street. As a group you’ll interact with them by surprise them with the wave or singing along to “New York, New York.” Essentially, it’s a two-way show!

At the same time you will be touring past some of New Yorks best sights such as Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Central Park, the Chrysler Building and Times Square. You will also be quizzed on your New York knowledge. So come prepared because anything can happen at any time.

The Ride will soon also be offered in Portuguese, French and Japanese.


Duration: 75 minutes

Departs from: 42nd Street and 8th Avenue

Age recommendation: 6 years and older