A Japanese Rave Review for THE RIDE

Keizia, a Japanese language website focusing on the New York economy (maybe- we’re trusting Google Translator here) long supporters of THE RIDE, recently sent over a visitor to experience our new Fazzino RIDE! As always, we were thrilled to have them!

Translating the RIDE Review

Our Japanese is really rusty, so as stated, we turned to Google. You can read the English translation here, but we’re thinking Google’s Japanese is a bit rusty too, so we have translated the translation:

  • “Suddenly appeared on the street performers in places, to entertain the passengers, such as singing and dancing.”

Unexpected street performers sing and dance for the RIDE’s passenger’s entertainment.

  • “No. 8 is a wrapper in the city, showing off the lap while walking along with the bus. “

We’re pretty sure we are talking about our RAPPER who freestyle RAPS while walking along the bus!

  • “In Columbus Circle, to provide a mechanism, such as wearing a ballerina dancing is illuminated.”

In Columbus Circle, our ballerina dancer has an illuminated costume.

Great Entertainment Translates to Any Language

Enjoy THE Fazzino RIDE until Labor Day! Sign up for text messages or come over to our Facebook page for exclusive discounts.  Not close enough to the New York area? Enter to win our New York Weekend getaway Sweepstakes!


More about THE RIDE from our Japanese friends can be found here.

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