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If you are like most people who live in New York, you avoid the ‘tourist” traps like a plague. We don’t go to the Statue of Liberty for fun. We know that Macy’s in Herald Square is not the only place to see Santa. A major parade in Manhattan is a reason to get out of town and quickly. We know you would never even think that you would enjoy an experience on THE RIDE.

We’d like to change your mind about that.

What Residents of New York City Say About THE RIDE

Whether you hail from Brooklyn, Queen, Long Island or the Bronx, THE RIDE has something to offer you. Even Manhattan residents can enjoy a surprisingly good time. We quickly browsed some reviews posted independently and found direct quotes from people living in New York:

“My wife and I experienced The Ride today and had an amazing time. Even though we are locals, the tour was a ton of fun and very entertaining. We also learned quite a few things about the city so now we have a few more tricks in our pocket with which to impress our friends when they come visit from out of town. Overall, The Ride was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it!” -George L. New York, NY

“If you’re a local like me, you won’t see a whole lot that you probably haven’t seen before (save the santas and the fairies) … (well, actually, scratch that) … but regardless, this is one of those things you will have way more fun doing than you think you will or will ever admit to any of your friends (kind of like last summer’s NKOTBSB concert). You might even develop a crush on your Ride Guide.” – Karen B. New York, NY

“Being from NY we know alot about the city, but they gave us facts that we didn’t know and were actually very informative. This was really such a great experience and you were entertained at almost every corner.”Antoinette M. Lindenhurst, NY

“As a native New Yorker, I usually try to avoid typical tourist activities, such as visiting the Statue of Liberty, double-decker buses, and slowing to a crawl in the middle of the street. I thought The Ride would be just that…another annoying and pricey tourist trap. Although it has many touristy elements in there, it turned out to be a very entertaining experience through midtown.” – Kevin L. Jackson Heights, NY

“Being from nearby New Jersey and having been to NYC countless times growing up, and now living in NYC for school, it’s safe to say that I was more than a little embarrassed and skeptical to go on this ride as I thought it would be boring and dumb. HOW WRONG I WAS!”Dimitrios D. New York, NY

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Get On. Find Out. Come see what it is all about.

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  1. I am Argentina y trip to N.Y. On september iwant to. Have the experiencia,i need. To now a lot of english Is easy to understand.

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