THE RIDE at NYC Gay Pride

The NYC Gay Pride Parade was in full swing on Sunday June 24th.  Thousands of spectators lined the parade route to cheer the colorful floats and the participants in extravagant and creative costumes, and The Fazzino Ride stole the show.  Believe me it isn’t easy to steal the thunder from gorgeous, muscular, semi-naked, middle-aged men dressed as famous female characters from fairy tales (imagine Alec Baldwin as Snow White), and an array of topless women.  And that is only what I can describe in a family friendly blog . . .

In any case, The Fazzino Ride held its place as a glorious work of art whose surface came to light as the sun glistened off its 2.500 hand placed Swarvoski crystals.  The Fazzino Ride was filled with bloggers, press and multiple dancing beauties of its own pulsating to the beat of our fabulous DJ, J Hooks.  Outside were our tireless performers braving the heat along the four mile parade route beginning at 42nd Street and ending in the West Village including, Jordan on stilts, Gabriel Alvarez break dancing and Doug Widick rapping while our brand ambassadors distributed safe-sex condoms and stickers advertising The Ride!  I loved walking the route handing out stickers and condoms myself attracting a not insignificant amount of attention in my Kelly green trousers cut for the day’s celebration.

Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo and council woman Christine Quinn were some of the dignitaries who took part in the parade but were little thought of once The Fazzino Ride came into view.  I hope you enjoy the video highlights!

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