Broadway Girl from Broadway World takes THE RIDE!

Can you imagine walking down 5th Avenue and suddenly having the business-woman next to you start belting lyrics from 42nd Street?  Tourists stopped to gawk, but the funniest were the jaded New Yorkers who didn’t even bat an eyelash.
-Broadway Girl NYC

Broadway Girl, a passionate observer of all things theatrical, recently reviewed THE RIDE!  Rejuvenated by the talented performers, fun facts, and interactive nature of it all, Broadway Girl writes: “My energy was quickly restored as I let my guard down and participated in the fun on-board… I didn’t just feel like I’d been on a tour; I felt like I’d been to a show.  And we all know that is my favorite feeling in the world.”

Broadway Girl was fascinated by THE RIDE performances – her favorite part; she and her friend Jill were awed by the personal touch offered as THE RIDE beat boxer rapped rhymes about Jill’s new puppy!  They also learned facts they’d never known before; for instance, about the nurse in the sailor-kissing-nurse “War is Over” photo: Did you know she wasn’t his girlfriend?

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