A Romantic Evening in NYC: RIDE Into the Night

A young couple smiles at each other sharing a romantic evening in NYC

This summer is heating up just in time for all-new Late-Night RIDES at 9:30pm Fridays and Saturdays!  In New York City, sizzling days give way to electrifying nights, and no romantic evening should be complete without our thrilling night time tour which redefines “nightlife”.  But how will you spend the rest of your date night?  Here are some more of the amorous activities available around the boroughs.

A young couple smiles at each other sharing a romantic evening in NYC

A Few Places Where Romance Ensues

New York City’s most majestic museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is frankly astounding.  The cradles of ancient civilization have left their legacies here, as have the leaders of more recent artistic movements.  Open until 9 on Fridays and Saturdays, at “the Met” you’ll have the perfect opportunity to display your cultured side.  If you don’t have one of those, settle for grabbing a drink at the indoor Balcony Bar, overlooking the Great Hall.  Better yet, head upstairs to the rooftop bar while the weather holds out.  There’s no better place to connect on your romantic date while simultaneously connecting to ancient Greece, Rome, and China.

When people think of New York City, they usually picture the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, but they don’t think of them as romantic places.  Both icons attract massive crowds, but after 10:30 the Empire State Building becomes less crowded and more intimate.  The phenomenal panorama from atop this landmark consistently amazes, and can help you fall in love with anyone.  Bask in the glow from the city until as late as 2 o’clock in the morning, and on a clear night with a full, bright moon, you can potentially gaze as far as 80 miles out.

View from the Empire State building - a romantic thing to do in NYC

The Top of the Tower Bar & Lounge allows you to tap into that dreamy aura of romance that a birds-eye-view affords, too, while sampling some drinks on tap.  If you want a bit more to do than just the peer out from the sky-high observation decks at the Empire State, get dinner on the 26th floor of the Beekman Tower Hotel.  Serving up stunning riverside views right alongside their stiff cocktails and chic live piano, the Top of the Tower will help you set the romantic mood on any special night.

If you’d rather venture outside of Manhattan for a waterfront view, try out the River Café on Water Street at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.  The serene views of the river and the city complement the out-of-this-world flavors served by an attentive staff.  Make sure to dress appropriately for this formal dining affair, and remember that such sophisticated experiences are worth it!  The stunning River Café is a great destination for a special occasion, or just to kill time before THE RIDE.

Like the Empire State Building or Lady Liberty, another emblem of Manhattan is the gorgeous Central Park.  Brimming with romantic promise, the Park has been the backdrop for countless romantic comedies.  A magical place at any time of day, a warm summer night in the park will help to enhance the romance.  The possibilities are endless, and tailor-made for a date night: ride in a horse-drawn Hansom Cab, take a tender tour beneath Bow Bridge by boat, sup at the Boathouse Café, visit the Conservatory Garden, or admire Belvedere Castle.

Lincoln Center Plaza will render you speechless with so many romantic things to do…its orchestra, ballet, opera, or any other show; instead, for another option, just appreciate the sparkling splendor of the famously well-lit fountain by night.  The soft ambiance makes the fountain one of the most dynamic spots for picture taking in the city, as well.  This artistic mecca will tug at your heartstrings with its presentations of violin strings and other powerful nighttime performances.  Just don’t spend too much time—you don’t want to miss your RIDE!

The Lincoln Center Plaza Fountain is a romantic place in NYC at sundown

Experiencing Romance in New York City through the Senses

For many, chocolate is an aphrodisiac that can set the stage for a romantic evening.  With several locations peppered throughout New York, NY, Jacques Torres Chocolate’s absurd, Willy Wonkan menus will doubtlessly set the mood.  Their decadent drinks, truffles, cakes, candies, and wine pairings make choosing difficult.  Anyone armed with a sweet tooth could do some serious damage, here, as long as you get here before they close (most locations shut down at 8 or 9 p.m.).  If you’re interested in how stuff works, you can witness fresh chocolate being made from beans.

Jacques Torres chocolates a great place for a romantic date in NYC

For new or experienced wine-tasting fans, the cream of the crop is the dark and mellow Pierre Loti Wine Bar.  Armed with the holy triumvirate of romantic delights—wine, champagne, and chocolate—Pierre Loti leaves nothing to be desired.  Because of their complex menu, even seasoned sommeliers will need help with their pairings, and they’re in good hands.  The staff is always well-educated and wise in their selections.  With sane prices, good service and great drinks, it’s the perfect little romantic date spot and palette pleaser after your late night RIDE.

The 21 Club consistently draws in the tourists with good reason.  Modern and nostalgic, the 21 Club is an old New York icon that mixes tradition with trend.  Their reputation precedes them, having featured in such legendary Hollywood efforts as Rear Window and Wall Street, so even the waiters at this formal establishment wear suit coats.  Don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s stuffy, however.  Welcoming and friendly, 21 encourages all of its diners relax with its fine food, balanced cocktails, and impeccable service – serving individual, authentic NYC romantic moments free of charge.  Like any true city gem, there are some particular perks: ask for a tour of their secret, hidden wine cellar that dates back to Prohibition.

You may have heard the rumors that, One If By Land, Two If By Sea is the most romantic restaurant in all of New York.  Happily, they live up to the hype.  Steeped in charm and history, the beautifully preserved building is decked out with elegant chandeliers and soft lighting in order to cultivate a dreamy, “Old World” atmosphere.  This intimate and cozy setting serves exquisite meals, though you won’t be focused on the food if you play your cards right.  As an added bonus feature, some even argue that this multi-level, exposed-brick eatery in the heart of the West Village is haunted.  Surely One If By Land, Two If By Sea is a great cap to a romantic evening that starts with THE RIDE!

To end a date in style, check out Flute Midtown, a bar that specializes in champagne, right by THE RIDE’s drop off point.  With private couches and little alcoves for couples, this swanky lounge is the kind of place that makes the top of locals’ favorite lists and makes out-of-towners jealous.  Their bizarrely perfect cocktails include outlandish flavors and their finger foods are delicious.  Their DJs blend speakeasy jazz with dubstep and house music, and anything quality in between, in order to cater to every musical style.  Flute will not only be the highlight of your romantic night, but the highlight of your entire NYC exploit.

The interior of the Flute Bar a great romantic date idea in NYC

Your Romantic RIDE Awaits

At any time of day or night, there are plenty of activities to complement your thrilling RIDE.  After you and your date experience New York City up close and personal on our one of a kind late night bus performance (9:30pm Fridays and Saturdays only through Labor Day), discover the romance at one of these other romantic places.