THE RIDE launched in October 2010 after four years of creative explorations in the minds of entrepreneurs and entertainers led by director Michael Counts.  In an effort to develop a business plan that was sustainable and scalable in fall 2011, investors brought producer/entrepreneur Richard Humphrey aboard as CEO.

Mr. Humphrey revised the original business vision and increased ticket sales and brand awareness by building internal marketing, group and corporate sales divisions while working with The Ride’s management team to create innovative programs consisting of original and dynamic digital and offline marketing strategies. These initiatives were supported by ramping partnerships and synergistic sponsorships. THE RIDE also began in earnest to cultivate its international presence and, as a result, was featured on national television and in periodicals in Japan and elsewhere in worldwide media.

Under Mr. Humphrey’s creative direction, THE FAZZINO RIDE was launched in May 2012 as a limited edition collaboration with internationally renowned 3-D Pop Artist Charles Fazzino – official artist of the NFL, the Super Bowl, and the 2012 Olympics.  THE FAZZINO RIDE received critical acclaim and was nominated by Broadway’s Drama Desk in 2013 as “Most Unique Theatrical Experience.”

In spring, 2014, THE RIDE was acquired by a group of new investors with plans to begin its expansion beyond Times Square to other cities in 2015.